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Other than regular bathing and brushing, does anyone kow of any supplements and/or tricks to get a bully to shed less..?


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Fish oil can help a little...

but they do tend to shed a lot.  We have a furminator, that helps a lot.  

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Supplements can help

Missing Link seems to help shedding, Sea Meal is another supplement.  I caution Missing Link because it does have yeast in it, so depedning on your dog it may or may not work.

I only use Wild Salmon Oil as a supplement and while my dogs shed some coat (normal), they usually have gorgeous coats.  Ester sheds her white areas  the most.

Coat color also can have a difference on how much shedding as well as the coat length and coarseness.

mine get Grizzly Salmon Oil once a day on their food...

Oliver, the mostly white one is my extreme shedder though. Sebastian and Remy not so much. What is it with white bullies and shedding?


Kim, Remy Le Beau, Lord Sebastian, and Sir Oliver

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Audrey only sheds seasonally

I don't know if it's just an "Audrey" thing or if it because of her diet. but she only drops a hair or 2 outside of the normal spring  and (smaller one) fall shedding time. 

She gets kelp at spring/fall shed time, plus she gets fish oil and coconut oil regularly.

I rotate fish oils between salmon, and sardine/anchovy. She does not get fish oil and coconut oil on the same days.

Her coat is gorgeous! It is so soft and shiny, and smells great too.


Cathy and Audrey