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What is everyone using to shampoo their dogs? I have ordered a medicated shampoo because of their food allergy "issues", but I am wondering if I should just go with a simple baby shampoo, and avoid the medicated stuff? They were really super scabby, but I have stopped all processed food, and have them on rice, chicken, and green beans for now. so what shampoo do you think? Thanks!

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I just buy a mild oatmeal shampoo...

at Petsmart.  

We use

Neem shampoo... Neem oil is great for the bully skin problems, we swear by it - My vet likes it a lot too! I get the shampoo for dogs on neem tree farms (you can find them on the internet!) good luck

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The medicated shampoos have a tendency

to really dry out their skin (as you probably are aware). I had a very sickly male years ago that had skin issues from hell. The medicated shampoo helped in the beginning, but in the long run it only dried out his skin even more and caused more problems. I wound up using nothing but Johnson's Baby shampoo after that and it worked very well for him. I now have 2 healthy females that get bathed in nothing but Johnson's Baby shampoo. Good Luck


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I think your right. I did get a shampoo by the same company that makes my ear solution "Zymox" I have to say its a pretty good shampoo. But now that the scabs are gone, a simple baby shampoo seems like the next step. Keep your fingers crossed!