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I need some advice/help.  My dog (Molly) was just laying down on me and I felt some shaking.  I sat up to look and it seemed like her whole body was shaking.  It was more like a vibrating/trembling than a type of convulsing.  It was her whole body but not her face or head, and she did not lose consciousness.  It lasted for about 3 minutes.  When it stopped, I offered her some food to see if she would take it and she happily ate it.  I'm very nervous about what causes it or what it was! Any help would be appreciated! 



sounds like

it could have been a seizure, get her to the vet! Poor baby!

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If she was alert...

and did not lose control of bodily functions, it doesn't sound like a seizure.  Was she nervous about laying on you?  When my Chester is at the vet's office, he will tremble all over from nervousness.  

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No she was not nervous...she always lays on me! But yes, it is the same type of shaking like when dogs are nervous! The vet did get back to me and did not think it was a seizure as she was completely alert, did not seem panicked, and no vomiting, convulsing, loss of consciousness, took treats from me while it was happening, etc. She actually did not seem bothered by it all.  So he said it was probably idiopathic tremors, which are usually seen in the head (as many of you have experienced), but could apparently be the whole body too. He said it could be a dip in blood sugar and didn't think it was due to pain or illness since it stopped and didn't return.  It hasn't happened again and she's her usual active self! Thanks! Please let me know if anyone has heard of body tremors before though-I'm curious! 


ohhh thank god

your vet ruled out a seizure. I always feel better when my vet thinks it "NOT" something... Good luck!