Sexual behavior

We are the proud owners of 2 male bullies. One is several months shy of 4 years old and the other is 8 months. The younger of the two is neutered however the older bullie is not. They are healthy and well socialized. They came from a reputable breeder. Regular visits to our Vet. Updated immunizations and health care tells us this. Just last week we took our bullies to a local groomer for nail and paw care. We bath them ourselves. Since that visit upon returning home, the older bullie has been attempting almost non stop to mount the younger one. He's acting the way a male would act around a female in heat. He has never done this before.We thought that perhaps the younger bullie picked up a scent at the groomer and bathed him well. This proved futile. The older bullie is still "humping". Do males go into heat? We understand that this behavior is sometimes an expression of dominance, but the older bullie established dominance early on. We have scheduled an appointment with our Vet. to have him neutered. Aside from the positive health implications, are we doing the right thing and will this solve the problem?


Joe DiCanio

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is a good idea. But you also have to be incharge and let him know that humping is not acceptable behavior. Sex makes no difference in humping, even bitches will hump.

Put him on a leash and when he tries to hump, correct him, bad dog, NO Disco (or whatever you want to call it). You have to be firm and consistant.

Neutering will help but it is not a sure thing that he will just immediately stop. So you need to be very consistant with the correction. I would not leave them alone without supervision so you can correct him. The longer he is allowed to behave in this manner the longer it will take to correct it.

My dogs are taught very early on, that humping is just not acceptable. I can't stand the behavior.