Good morning. I hope someone could help us in pointing us in the right direction about our Tank who has been suffering from seizures. We have heard good and bad about putting him on meds for his seizures. We were informed once he is put on it is for life. We are good with that but some people have commented that once they were put on this medication the dog didn't survive long after that. Any other options with dealing with this truobling dilema.

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griffin suffers from seizures....he

was only getting them while sleeping...i took him for mri and tests to make sure there was not a tumor...and there wasn't ....he is on Phenobarbital

we tried the amount the vet suggested which was one pil twice was way to much for him and made him loopy and couldn't walk without falling over...we have teaked it down to half a pill daily and that works for him....... hope this helps...   they do not know why he has them...he was 10 when they started...


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My basset hound had seizures.

My basset hound had seizures. She was on phenobarbital for about two years. Her seizures started with a serious encephalitis that took her six months to completely rehab from. That being said, we didn't see any side effects from the meds, but neurologically she was recovering from an illness. She did require liver tests and a drug level every six months. The phenobarbital was cheap--$11/month from the vet.

Coming off--so she has been off about 5 years now with no issues and no seizures. I will say I pushed my vet HARD to get him to take her off, but he felt like she should stay on them "a little longer" every visit. So, I took her off myself.

We also had a compounding pharmacy mix us some Valium gel we could give rectally if she ever had a really long seizure. Just got the vet to write a script and the pharmacy gave us a soft tipped syringe. We never had to use it, but it gave me peace of mind because her first seizure event she seized the whole 30 minutes to the emergency room and I didn't want her to do that again.