Rugby Is Losing His Manhood Next Week...

Hi Everyone-

Rugby will be getting neutered next week and aside from knowing that our vet should not use ACE (I actually asked a couple months ago about it and he said they don't use it on Bulldogs in general) are there any other tidbits?

I am also nervous about the sutures and making sure Rugs isn't too active and do any damage. We live in a building with a ton of dogs and he gets excited when he sees his friends... this worries me. 

Any advice would be greatly appreciated as I am getting nervous!


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I always fast my guys for...

12 hours before a surgery (no food or drink) to minimize the chance of throwing up and aspirating.  Most of them bounce back pretty quickly from neutering.  Newman was hard to keep quiet, but we just kept him on a leash to go outside and in an ex pen for a couple of days and he was good to go.

We got Hershey done 2 months ago ... agree on no food etc

6pm the night before should be the last food and water - we left Hershey in the Kennel for the majority of the time for the next few days, as he tended to get crazy with his sister Gizmo through out the house.... last suggestion.

PAIN THERAPY !  ya put the pill in a piece of hotdog, and it tends to dope them up a bit...and they sleep more.    Neuter is easier on a Dog than a Spay is, but I still recommend the pain pills, just to slow them down for a few days

Enjoy your buddies for a few more days Rugs :) and we'll see you in a few months, since we know there wont be anymore interferreance from those nasty old Rangers in April :) :) :)


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You spoke too soon about the rangers!

hahaha, you spoke to soon as the Rangers are officially back!

Thanks for the info, we will buy hot dogs ASAP.... I am sooo nervous about everything but trust our dr. implicitly.