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renal heath

hi, there - I have an 8.5yo bulldog named Hanna. I was recently advised to
start her on K-d dog food as a preventative measure against renal failure.
Although she is fine, this is all carbs and she is gaining weight. I feel as
though I'm starving her when I give her less so not to gain weight. My
question, since she needs to be given less protein what else is out there I
can feed her without her feeling hungry? Has anyone else gone through this? Thanks.

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Maybe you could add some veggies?

Those are not high in protein, cooked green beans or carrots?

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Natural Balance Reduced Calorie

I put Mr. Higgins on this food because his kidney values were high. (unhappy kidneys)
On the next bloodtest the bloodwork was normal, including kidney values.(urea and creatinine)
It has 18% protein. I don`t think he is hungry on it. I feed 2/3 cup 3x a day because he was a regular vomiter. That fixed the vomiting issue. He is not losing weight, just always has been a small boy at 44lb. (But oh so cute)
Best of luck.