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refusing to eat or drink all night

Yesterday when i got home from work my Daisy was acting kinda strange. She started throwing up and she did this several times. It looked foamy and it sounded like she was choking on it. One time while this was happening she actually fell over on the floor. She wouldnt eat any last night, but she was constantly panting and heaving. The day before she was throwing up phlem ,but she does this sometimes if she drinks to much water at 1 time. She really couldn't lie completely down and rest any. This morning when we got up she is walking around and sleeping good, but i'm still worried. She still want eat or drink. My mom is going to come sit with her while i'm at work and if she dont take water then shes bringing her to the vet. She dont sound congested this morning like last night. I hope she is ok. I was up all night last night checking in on my baby girl. Wish us luck!!

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How old is she?

Have you had her palate checked?  Chester had these same symptoms and he had a severe elongated palate, had to have emergency surgery to fix it.  The falling over is a 'vomit drop', if one of our guys does it, I gently scoop what I can out of the back of the throat to clear the airway.  I think seeing the vet is a good idea.  Let us know what they say.

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She will be 2 years old

She will be 2 years old November 12. When i got home today from work she finally ate some soft dogfood and went potty. She is still coughing sometimes though and playing some.

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Definitely a vet visit

with a very knowledgeable bulldog vet.  She needs her palette checked, I highly suspect elongated soft palette.  You also want to make sure she doesn't have any fluid in her lungs from vomiting.  If she were mine I would also have her trach xrayed to make sure she doesn't have any narrowing in her trachea.  They do this without sedation. 

If she does this again you should put a couple of fingers down into her throat to open up the passage so the vomit (phlem) comes out.  The reason they fall over or pass out is because the airway has been shut off because of the elongated palette and the foam, causing a loss of oxygen. What you don't want is the foam, phlem and any fluid to be aspirated back into the lungs.  Then you either have a dead dog or aspirated pneumonia.

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I agree, vet visit...

I know that something is wrong, every time my bully won't eat. That is like the key factor for her to tell me she feels crappy. The last two times i had a similar situation like yours, it turned out to be pneumonia. Good luck!


sincerely, christine

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I was thinking the same thing.

This sounds exactly like Molly when she had pneumonia too. Keep us updated! Hope she feels better!