reaction to vaccination - help

Hello all, 

My bulldog had a severe reaction to his vaccine... he hasn't been eating properly for the last 10 days and vomiting! The vet seems to be cluless and I'm really worried. Any thoughts?

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He's been vomiting for 10 days?

You need to take him to see another vet!

Good Luck

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What kind of vaccine was it?

Did the vet give him an antiemetic? (drug for vomiting).  I would seriously consider another vet.  Meanwhile, I would put him on a very bland diet, feed very small amounts of food (cooked rice and scrambled egg or boiled hamburger).  Make sure he's drinking.  If he's dehydrated he might need some iv fluids after that long of a time.

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I agree. Find another vet immediately...

And feed a bland diet. Make sure he is plenty hydrated. I would be at a new vet immediately. On the home page of this site is a vets by state list. You can find a good bulldog knowledgeable vet on that list that is hopefully in your area. If you don't see one, post your area and usually someone on the board knows someone good around you.


Amy and Sophia