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Questions about Heartworm....

Hi, Meaty and Sophie are due for their heartworm treatments and for the last year, we went with the one-time injection that's every six months. Before that, we did the topical stuff that you spread on their fur between their shoulders/ back every month. Just curious what everybully else prefers and why?  Last year, one of the vet techs mentioned something negative about the injections, but I can't remember what she said.....

I can (of course) research this   on my own, but as with many things---- I'd like to hear what other bully owners think/ experiences

you've had....thanks!  :-)  


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Heartworm preventative....

I'm not aware of the treatments you describe for heartworm.  We use the monthly pill, generic of Heartguard, Iverhart plus.

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Oral or topical

Our vet used "revolution", it is a topical. It's for heart worm, fleas, ticks. 

Yet we noticed that it made Miss Piggy our 4 month old baby, her hair started falling out. 

We are going to ask her what is the best treatment this month. 

We also would like to know what is the best route. 

So we too are trying to learn something.  Any advice is appreciated. 

Thank you all in advance. 


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We use Iverhart also...

it seems to be cheaper than some of the other pills.  They get it once a month.  I don't like to give something long term (6 months) in case of an adverse reaction.

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I have tried revolution as well...

But I stopped because it kinda freaks me out that there would some chemical so strong that it could actually go thru her skin and kill worms? Seems weird! Kibby doesn't eat poo, walk in anything dirty, or even like to sniff other dogs so I stopped heart worm meds. She is 9 and gets bad reactions to stuff so I would rather not if possible. 

Copper, my beagle, gets revolution because she is complete opposite and will eat garbage, chase anything, eat poo, everything!


sincerely, christine

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we use Revolution

and havent had any issues with it. Good luck Meaty and Sophie!!!


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