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Question about eye issues

Lately Fatboy has been rubbing his face into the carpet.  His eyes have always looked red (allergies) but recently his eye area has been really bothering him.  There was some eye gunk for a while but I started using eye ointment and it cleared up.  It also seemed like the fold above his nose got really gunky overnight.  I got that under control with a medicated shampoo.  But what could be causing this?  Is he developing an intolerance to his food?  We have him on Fromm right now but I can't tell if it's causing these issues. 


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Eye issues

The first thing I would do is have his eyes checked by a Vet. The Vet needs to look at his lashes and see if he has Distichia. Distichia is caused by lashes growing down and rubbing against the eye. The repeated trauma of the lashes rubbing against the eye can cause an ulcer. Also, he needs to be checked for entropian but, if he's been rubbing his eyes, his lids may be swollen which can mimic entropian.

Also, he could have gotten some dirt, grass etc., in his eye and when he rubbed it, caused an ulcer. Eye issues are tricky and should be checked by a Vet to rule out anything serious.

As for food, I think a good quality grain free food is best.

Bull dogs are so adorable. I

Bull dogs are so adorable. I am quite happy that you are taking good care of your pup. Will take your advice on dogs when I get myself one.

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