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Quarter-sized skin sore on back of head

Just recently noticed a quarter-sized sore on the back of my bully's head.. looks like it may have lost a little hair on the sore.. and does not seem to be "oozing" little if at all. Have her at the vet now, and while here, she got a bloody nose.

Not sure if related, she is currently going thru heat for the 1st time (7 months), and not sure if hormonal? She's also crazy excited at the vet seeing all the other dogs, may think that helped cause bloody nose.


Also think it may be allergies?


Anyone have any experience with these symptoms...??????????

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They should do a skin scraping to make sure she doesn't have man

She is at the right age for demodex, especially if she's had her rabies shot.

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Should say mange...


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It was only Demodectic Mange!!


Thank you!

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Been there lol...

did they say how they will treat it?