Progesterone Tests

Hi, My female started her cycle on Sept 16/2013, Her first progesterone test was day 7th (0.5 ng), second progesterone test was on day 10 (1.45 ng). Vet says that some dogs ovulate late in their cycle, and that must be my girl case too. She is waiting for a surgical implant when ready. I'm looking for some advice, someone who can share her/his experiences with me or who can help me a little more to understand about progesterone level. Thanks



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Do you have a mentor?

Your best person to consult is your mentor. I would consult with your bitches breeder.

I would consult with a reproduction specialist, your vet doesn't sound like he/she is to versed in reproduction. IMO 7 days is very early and ten is the beginning of when a bitch is hitting the time to breed. Past experience with natural breeding's of other breeds we bred bitches any where between 12 & 14 days. You should be at a 5 progesterone for AI. I have never done a surgical implant so I can't tell you there.

There is maybe 1 other breeder on this site that could help answer your question.

Are you showing and involved/member of the BCA? If you are interested there is a FB page - Bulldog
Standard Discussion - and we do get into stuff like this, not just breed standard. It is run by Elizabeth Hugo and supported by about 1000 members from several countries, many of the leading breeders in our industry and also some of our top breeder/judges.


We had 4 beautiful pups ;)



Progesterone testing

Here is link to Veterinary specialist, Robert Van Hutchinson DVM seminar which gives good information about this.

Good luck and all good wishes!

Thanks, we had 4 beautiful

Thanks, we had 4 beautiful puppies. She ovulated late in her cycle, but thanks to the progesterone test we had success.