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Possible Bloat

Hi Guys haven't been on in a while ,but tonight  for about 40 minutes Annie my Bitch has been poorly trying to be sick ,pacing,a bit belchly generally looking a bit sorry for herself.

Was just about to put her in car and take her to vets but now shes on the sofa snoring next to me.

I'm constantly watching her,could it be bloat ,she actually just woken and belched again but she is much more settled not sure whether to let her settle and see what happens ,any advice she seems to bring a bit of wind up then lick her lips,but shes sat on the sofa .


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Gas X

I have used Gas X on Ester once when she was pregnant and having some tummy issues. It is safe on dogs, but you may want to make sure she gets a little walk first, before administering any type of drug. Has she pooped?

is her stomach hard and do you hear any sound?

if you here some gurgling sound and the tummy is hard. don't feed her anymore. my chihuahua sometimes get this and I would grind up half of the chewable gas x and add a bit of water in it and put in a syringe(no needle) and administer slowly every 4 hrs and next day, he's fine. If she hasn't pooped, cut a piece of soap bar small enough to put it in her anus(wet the peice a little) and she will poop right away and the piece of soap will come out.

Hope she feels better.

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much better now

Thanks for your replies she was fine last ,I'll keep an eye on her and take her to vet later x