Phoebe is going in to be spayed

on Tuesday. I am wondering if anyone has suggestions I should follow for her care when I bring her home. I am sure our vet will give us some suggestions but just wondering if any one else has ideas for things I need to be aware of or do. Thanks.

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Just watch for any redness or fluid around the incision.  It is important to check it a couple times a day to make sure it looks good.  Also make sure she is not lethargic and eating fine after the first day home.  My Cleo got sick after the first day, work up with a 104 temp and was vomiting.  She had to go back in for fluids and monitoring.  She got sick from the anesthesia (propofol and isoflurane), although this is the best to use IMO.   Then after a week she popped a couple of sutures and her incision opened up.  Had to take her back in and they put in a couple of staples, then put her on antibiotics.  I did a week of warm compresses and she finally healed up.

You should keep her relatively calm the first week to 10 days so she heals.  No jumping or anything that will strain the incision.

Bulldogs usually can't reach the incision to lick so the dreaded cone is probably not necessary.

If you don't have a thermomitor I would make sure to pick one up just to have it on hand.  The rectal digital work best.

I just had Kohl neutered Thursday.  You always worry until you get the call that they are awake and doing good.  They said he would probably not eat....NOT!  This guy never misses a meal.  But he did get 1/3 of his normal dinner and breakfast.  You want to cut their food after any surgery for 24 hours, because you don't want them to get sick and vomit.

NO food after 7 pm and no water after midnight the day before surgery. 

She'll be fine.


Thanks for...

giving me such a wealth of great information. I am sure she will be fine but you know how we bulldog moms are :)

All of the above and USE THE PAIN MEDS!

Even if she does not seem like she is in pain, the surgery is invasive and she will be in pain.  Plus they help sedate her some to make that healing just a little easier.  Don't plan on bathing her for at least 14 days after the surgery.  

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Yes, Agree .... Also make sure they send you

home with antibiotics.