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I am looking to get a bulldog puppy soon and I want to get pet insurance for him. Does anyone have any ones that they would Recommend or that they would Recommend to stay away from? Personal stories about certain insurances would be great! 

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Are you in Canada or the U.S??



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The U.S

I live in The U.S

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Then i'm no help....

We deal with a Canadian company. Good Luck :)


Katie & Tucker a.k.a "Porkchop"

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They seems to have the most flexibility in plan options and the least exclusions.


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Do you have expierence with Trupanion?

We have Trupanion

We have a 1.5 yr old bully baby and Trupanion has been wonderful. I have never had a problem with getting a claim rejected...I've never even had to do anything more than submit the required forms. Get it from the start and submit everything. Just to be clear: office visits/exams & vaccinations & flea/tick meds are not covered. Once you hit your deductible (which you decide the amount) you pay 10% and they pay you back 90% (minus visit fees). The biggest decision you need to make is if you want the insurance for major events (then say choose a $500+ deductible & a lower monthly payment) or if you want it to cover costs of most things (then a lower deductible with a higher monthly cost).Let me know if you have questions. I cannot reccomend it enough. We were able to have Ruby treated at UC Davis for severe distichia without any hesitation. Good luck with your new baby...your life will never be the same!!

-Amanda (& Ruby)


I don't use health insurance but know people who do use the Trupanion and are happy with their coverage.

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I have had bad experiences with the ASPCA pet insurance, they pretty much don't cover anything that a bulldog could contract because they say it is "congenital" so if the breed has a chance of getting a problem, they won't cover it.  I now have Healthy Paws pet insurance and they are great.  You pick how much you want to pay a month and how much you would like your deductable to be.  They have been great and thank god I have them because I just found a lump on my bully... and it could be cancer :(  BUT i have a $100 deductible and then Healthy Paws covers 80% which is pretty good.   They are very helpful and nice when you have to talk to someone. 

Thank you

Thank you for the information I am strongly considering healthy paws; I have heard nothing but good stories about them. I hope all turns out to be good with your bully baby!