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Anyone have any reccomendations?

For comprehensive I am seeing approximately 29/ month.. anyone else have any other options.. preferably cheape rones :)


I don't know the cost, but a friend uses Trupanion and is pleased with the coverage and customer service. 

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I have had Vern covered under

I have had Vern covered under Trupanion for over a year.  I have not had to use it yet (yay!), so I can't testify to how they pay claims or coverages.  I can say that I did a significant amount of research and elected to use Trupanion due to their policies on coverage limits, pre-existing conditions, policy renewals and premium prices.

Good luck!


I had Trupanion on Jackson when he was young. On Thanksgiving of that year, someone stepped on his foot and hurt it (he was two months old then) so we took him to the vet. They took x-rays and decided that it was just a soft tissue injury to his right hind leg. On January 8th the next year,  a month and a  half later, he became lame on his hind end and yelped if you touched him. I rushed him to the vet, who took x-rays and thought it was a fracture in a vertabrea, but they sent the x-ray to the nerusergeon just in case. Luckily they did, because he actually had Discospondolytis, an infection of the spine. Trupanion said it was pre-existing! Because of the lameness he had back on Thanksgiving. They claimed it was all the same thing. I fought with them saying there was no way a 4 month old baby bulldog could have an infection in his spine for 2 months without it killing him!!

The few days between the vet visit and the neurosergeon/hospital, he became so lame he couldn't use his hind legs. He could only like crawl, so we had carry him outside to potty, I hand fed him, we took our matress downstairs and took turns sleeping with him. There is no way this could have been the same thing. No way! But they refused to pay. It ended up being 2 days in the hospital on a 48 hour antibiotic drip, an MRI, 6 months of antibiotics and monthly x-rays to check on the spine. Over $4500.00 that we had to pay, but I would do it all over again for him, he is my heart dog now because of this!I still have to hand feed him to this day, because of this he wont eat unless i feed him.

If the two vertabreas involved didn't fuse together, it would require surgery because of all the soft tissue around them that was damamged. But, thankfully he healed so well, you barely would know anything ever happend to this guy. He limps every once in a while, gets up slowly (he is two now as of Aug 23rd), but he jumps and is hyper like crazy.

So in my opinion, good luck if you choose Trupanion. I don't endrose them at all. They did everything they could to not pay, so I told them to shove it up their a**! To put it nicely :)


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Hi, I usually just lurk around here, but I have had an excellent experience with having VPI for Otis for the past 2.5 years.  It may be a little more expensive, I think I pay about $400 a year (check with your work! it is part of our "perks" and is automatically taken out of my paycheck with a 5% discount) but they have without a doubt paid out more than I have paid in.  Otis has had severe allergies and has eaten a few things that should be inedible (like a plastic coathanger), and a few other minor things. They have never denied anything that I have submitted.  If I remember correctly, the only "bulldog" related conditions that aren't covered are cherry eye, prolapsed urethra, and... I don't remember the others because they were random things that I had never even heard of. 


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