Peeing and pooping in the house

My 13 y/o Bully has been going in the house after we have let her out. We took her to the vet and they checked for a UTI and that was clean. What else could it be? Thanks Its been years sence I have been here. Other wise she has been very healthy.

At 13 years old

could be dementia. Dogs are like people, age sometimes effects their brains. Maybe she is losing her sight or hearing and outside isn't quite so pleasant to her anymore.

Give that ole gal a hug from me


Lynn King CPDT-KA

Thanks! Other then the

Thanks! Other then the accidents and some limping she doing great.

try accupuncture

My client who also owns a 10 yr old bulldog started having her dog poop in the bed while sleeping at night. this is a little different but with old age sometimes we don't have great control over those muscles and more..accupuncture saved the day for them, something to check into..