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Paw abrasion

Good morning. This morning I noticed a pretty big sore on top of Tuffy's front paw. Haven't seen it before. Not sure if it's just a sore or a hot spot, and I put a call into vet, but could someone tell me what this is and how you'd treat it? Tuffy has been licking his paws a lot lately, so perhaps this is a result of that, or from the snow. I've been wiping his paws after he comes inside but who knows if it got infected from something. Thanks in advance...


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I would put some plain brown Listerine on it...

and when it's dry, gold bond powder.  Looks like he just liked it raw.

How is

his chin doing? maybe something is going on with his skin. I would call the vet. Try Listerine or ointment. but try to keep him busy, take him for a walk after you put it on, so he doesn't lick it off...


He is very Handsome!