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One dirty ear

I have a 6 month old white bulldog. He has a patch on his left eye that extends to his left ear. That ear gets extremely dirty only after few days of cleaning it, while the other is clean. Should I be concerned?


Anna chu

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The vet

The vet will know best.  But I have the same thing.  Buddy has one brown ear, and it needs cleaned more.  I clean it and gently inspect it.  The dog will tell you if it's sore, and a wet or messy ear is needing attention from the vet. The good people on here told me about Epi-Otic ear cleaner, instruction on bottle, available at most pet stores.  I also use some Mometamax, or Animax..., from the vet, in the affected ear, checking it daily.  I use a tissue to gently clean first, on my finger, as the feel is better for me and the dog as far as pain if there is any. A more gentle touch. His white ear is usually clean as a whistle, and my other Bully, has 2 brown ears and almost no wax or infection....strange. 

I know others will help too, an may have better ideas...also an ear needing attention may feel warmer than the other one, this is just what I noticed with Buddy, and Brother sniffs and tries to lich Buddy's ear if it needs some attention from me, it a good clue as the dog inspect each other everytime they see each other.

Good luck...Here's Buddy and Brother playing with a ball.......



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