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Old member turning to forum for support...

Some old timers might remember Farcus from Chicago.  It's exactly 10 years since I first came this forum.  Farcus has been diagnosed with CHF and is being treated, but the outlook is poor.  I scanned some postings about his meds and of course Dr Shaw is his vet so we are doing everything possible.   Farcus is our first dog and first bulldog, so I'm sure you guys know how I feel.  Eliza is still with us and confused and irritated at the sudden change in circumstances.  

Anyway I just wanted to inform and see if anyone had any input. I posted here bc it's a med issue and I didn't if double posts were ok any more 

Sue if you are around, I'd love to hear from you. 

Staci, Ron, Farcus and Eliza

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Staci - I'm so sorry to hear this

I have no experience with CHF.  Sue is mostly on FB these days, but does pop in every now and then.  Not too many oldtimers post anymore, I just scan and read mostly.  At least you have Dr. Shaw. 

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No Info, but

wishing you both the best!  We took both Kilmore and Winnie to see Dr. Shaw for any major concerns.  We had heard great things about him before taking our bulldogs to him.  Our vet even would call him if they had any bulldog related questions that they just wanted a second opinion on, so at least you are in good hands.  Sending my positive thoughts your way.


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Staci !!

someone emailed me and said an old timer was asking about me.  I'm so sorry to hear about our guy.  Dr Shaw is the best and will do everything possible.  Big hugs and kisses to him.

Hope you, Ron and Eliza are well.  I miss you all !!   I know you were having medical issues and you vanished from FB.   Hope things are good now.  I'll see if I can find you out there and friend you up again but if not, I'll shoot you an email.  We MUST catch up.

Will keep Farcus in my thoughts.  Keep us posted.





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I just wanted to offer ((( HUGS ))))!!! NM



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