Old Girl is Limping

I have a 9+ year old female who has been limping (back right leg) for more than a week.  As a young dog she was very active and healthy.  Other than allergy issues, keeping her darn tail pocket dry, she has not suffered from the usual Bulldog ailments.  We have hardwood floors and she slipped just a bit and since then has been limping.  No other signs of pain or discomfort (tough old girl she is). We have a vet appointment in two days, but I fear the worst.  She is not herself and I am not sure if surgery is needed that at her age, and given she is a bulldog, is really a good option.  Thoughts?

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She could have just pulled or strained a muscle...

our guys do that frequently while playing.  I would rest her completely, no jumping up on furniture or long walks, just confined to one space and outside to potty.  Maybe your vet could prescribe an anti inflammatory to help, we use Meloxicam for Chester's bad leg and he usually stops limping in a day or so after taking it.  We have him on it pretty much all the time now, he just goes in every 6 months for bloodwork.

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Knee Injury

Could be a knee injury or strain like mentioned, especially with the slipping on the hardwood floors.  Agree she should be crate rested for several weeks. On leash, no running, jumping, couches, etc. for at least 6 weeks. 

MacKenzie has trouble with the slick floors now and sometimes his legs just fall out from under him and he goes down, he's 9.  Getting old sucks :(.

At 9 years old I would NOT have surgery done on a CCL if that is what your vet suspects, unless the pain was so bad that it was absolutely necessary.  With 2 knee surgeries neither of my dogs were in pain, prior to the surgery.   I would maintain with limited activity, joint supplements if not already on these and something to help the discomfort for the senior years.  The surgery is a difficult recovery for an older dog.  Norbert had knee surgery at 7 yrs.  I would never have TPLO on an old dog.

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our 7 year old started limping

Like you we feared many things. turned out Emma has some arthritus in her back hip. I have since started her on glucosamine and what a difference. no longer limping and back to chasing her ball.

But see a vet. They will be able to tell you

Good luck my friend


More Optimistic

I think I might be the only bulldog owner in the world who does not let my dog on the couch!  She has been totally rested for more than a week with no improvment.  No steps and no walks (she pretty much stopped going on walks about a year ago) just the first floor of the house and outside only to pee.  I hope it is not surgical and after reading your comments (thank you) I feel a bit more optimistic that it may just be the pains of being an old bulldog.  I will update after her appointment tomorrow.  Our vet is a bulldog owner so I know he will be right on.  Just wondering how old is the oldest bulldog anyone reading this has owned?


...is the age of my Beulah.  Her birthday was 10/21.  She's still hobbling around, and we're having good days and bad days as I guess would be the case with a 98 y.o. person.  We've recently had another  bit of a set back when I thought it was the end day for her (happened in spring, too), but she's come around again, though each time she's a little weaker.  Now she barely sees, and apparently since last week has lost most hearing.  She still eats with gusto and hobbles around--she has arthritis in hind legs.  Sleeps almost 23 hrs. a day, but occasionally gets up to greet company.  Starting about a year ago, she was had an occasional peeing accident, now we have occasional days without an accident!   We never let our dogs on the couches!



My English Bulldog is also limping this past week. (Front right). My vet ran a valley fever test on him. Hopefully it comes back negative. I guess limping is a common sign. Best of luck! 


~Bridget :)