Old Dawg - Hip Sensitivities and Balding Tail....thoughts?

So Duffy is now 11 years old and he is starting to take both rear legs and scratch each side.....  not sure its really a scratch to itch rather a weakness in his hips as he comes close to collapsing with this scratching issue.  So when he walks he is sometimes almost on just 3 legs as one is scratching and his hips are lower.  Seems like some degenerative process......

His tail is starting to bald too. 

We are having the same issues with Sadie.

She is 12 1/2 yrs old and quite unstable at times.  Her front left shoulder has arthritis and her back end also.  She takes a Deramaxx every day along with Glucosimine/Chondroitin and Duralactin.  This has been our routine for several years.  She does amaze me at times how quick she can be and overall doing good.  As far as the tail goes,  Sadie's tip of her tail has bee bald for several years.  There is a gland in the tail where hair loss can occur and once gone it usually will not grow back.


Sadie looks a lot like Duffy!

We got Duffy from Alice White who is a breeder from california.   They look very similar


Still Concerned about Reflexes Based on Touching His Spine / Bac

We are getting worried.  Everytime we touch the lower half of his spine / back he immiedately raises one of his legs and scratches his side furiously.  His hips then descend.  Never seen this in him before.  He is doing this more and more.  Duffy is 11 years old.

I would take him to the vet. I would like to know what is going

on especially if it is something new.



It was fleas!  Nice flea bath and frontline ointment and no more issues..... 

Great news...