Oh so many problems with 2 yr old bulldog.... :(

Quick history so I don't post too much.  Lily, 2 year old.  Had Bladder Stones removed at approx Jan/2014.  March/2014, passed out, not sure what it was....  thinking a seizure.  Rushed her to vet, nothing confirmed.  April/2014, starting having partial focal seizures, multiple per day, had a brain MRI, said she had hydrocephalus.  She's on Zonisamide (anti convulsant) and Prilosec (for water on brain) and now and antibiotic because she has YET another urinary tract infection.  I feel the urinary issue was never resolved!  I'm still reading up on this and have a TON of questions to ask the neurologist about the hydrocephalus.  She still has MILD and very infrequent Partial Focal Seizures but once in awhile.  She breathes funny sometimes like she can't breathe.  Had her in for an xray of her lungs....she had some "action" on one side of her lung but said it's common in bulldogs cause of their breathing issues.  I apologize for not having proper terms...have been so beside myself, there is no way I can remember all the medical terminology for all her issues in her 2 years.  She's just not RIGHT.  She will play with her ball here and there, but she has good moments and bad moments.  This is my 2nd bulldog and I am the Mom and I know something is not right.  Whenever I go to rub her, she pushes my hand down to her pee pee to rub it.  Not sure if all her issues are related to Urinary/Bladder/Kidney issues but, I just feel like there is so much more.  I've had bloodwork after bloodwork, they say her levels are good.  I can't sleep, I obsess all day everyday over every reaction, I'm afraid to leave the house.  I have 2 small kids and I feel like I am just losing it over this dog because....like I know my kids...  I KNOW something is wrong with my poor Lily girl!!!!  I just don't know what to do anymore.  

If anybody can shed some light...  I appreciate it.  THANKS!!!


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I feel for you.....

My suggestion is to do some research and find a highly qualified/reputable holistic vet at least to deal with the bladder/urinary issues. This makes me so sad. I know these babies can have multiple issues and they are my favorite breed, but sometimes it can all be so overwhelming. Take a deep breath, ask the universe for guidance and focus on the issue you feel in your gut that needs the most attention and then go find the best Vet to take care of her. Sending healing thoughts your way.


She doesn't like her food...nor do I think it's all that good.  Researching cooking for her so at least she can eat SOMETHING that she likes.  Heard I can feed similar to a person with Gout.  Just want to be sure she gets everything she needs-maybe some vitamins also....  She is our second bully and I LOVE the breed also, but, unfortunately, not sure there are going to be any more doggies in my life for a very long time.  They are my children and I just can't deal with all the sickness and worry....  :(   Our first girl, Bella, had some problems later on in life, but, nothing like this one.  Thank you!

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Poor girl...

I can imagine how worried you are about her.  Is your vet a "bulldog" vet that sees many bulldogs and knows a lot about the breed?  Sometimes you have to search for one that does.  There is a listing of recommended vets on the home page by state.  I know we used to drive almost an hour to see one until we found someone a little closer.  

We had a rescue years ago that had one uti after another.  The bulldog vet finally gave us a medication called methanamine hippurate and what it did was it cleansed the urine and after we started her on that, she had no more uti problems.  It's something you can run by your vet anyway and it was a very inexpensive medication.  She took it the rest of her life.  Is it possible she has a yeast infection that makes her want her 'parts' rubbed?  Maybe she is itchy in some of the folds.  Hope you can get her under control, the stress of waiting for something else to happen can be awful.

Kathy Ollie...

It's terrible, the worry and the toll it is taking on me....  I can't help myself!  Yes, we use Dr. Haagenson who deals with the LI Bulldog Rescue dogs so he knows lots about bulldogs.  

I will have to mention that medication.  I was wondering if she had a yeast infection because I wipe her there every couple of days and she gets some white stuff down there but Dr. Haagenson said I'm not going to get it all cleaned up because she has a recessed vulva (which is probably the cause of the uti's).  I still clean her daily down there....  Folds are always cleaned daily.  Horrible being scared to leave the house....   OR EVEN MORE SCARED TO BE HOME ALONE IF SOMETHING HAPPENS!!!  :(  


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Maybe Home Cooked is the Way to Go

I have been doing this for 4 years now.

I start with a ground protein and boil it (i use turkey)

Steam some green and red/organge veggies and put through food processor (i mainly use organic)

I add brown rice but you could also use oatmeal, quinoa if you are not afraid to add grains

Supplements I add are:

Ground bone meal for calcium

Milk thistle for liver health

Mega probiotic

Krill oil capsules or 1 whole sardine with each meal (for omega 3's)

msm/glucosamine for joint health (my frenchie boy is 14 1/2)

Once or twice a week I add a scrambled egg cooked in olive oil :)

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No light to shed...just wanted to send ((( HUGS )))!!! NM



Our three JOYS !!!  

Sophie,  Meaty,  and, Professor   (adopted in March 2016, went to Rainbow Bridge Dec. 2016)  

Our sweet Archimedes "MEATY" Bones (or as we say...boneSHHH!)    ---born 11/28/08---- our first bullllyyyy!!!

And  SOPHIE  Bubbles *Rapscallion*   (LOL!) ---born 4/3/11----our second bulllllyyyy!!!!