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Just wanting to know what's best for my bullies face gold bond, baby wipes, or diaper rash cream?? Or anything else that works better...... also I hear apple cider vinager in her food is great for her skin and coat and all around Heath, what is the best way to put that in her food and how much?? Thanks in advanced! 

I use just anti-bacterial wipes

to clean faces. I don't like using powders near the face, I worry that it will get into their eyes or they will breath it in. Don't know anything about the apple cider vinegar being good for skin or coat. If you are feeding a decent dog food, dog gets ample exercise, fresh air, supplements shouldn't be necessary.

Good luck


Lynn King CPDT-KA

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I have used "Johnson's Baby

I have used "Johnson's Baby Wash" for years to clean their face. Soft washcloth and warm water. I have heard of putting a tablespoon of Apple cider vinegar in food. I havd used apple cider vinegar on hotspots before with good results, but I have never added it to food/water. I add a 1200 mg fish oil capsule to my girls food everyday. No baby powder to the face area (the belly area is my choice for baby powder/gold bond) but I do use desitin and sometimes triple antibiotic ointment if the area looks like it needs extra attention. Good Luck!