New bulldog cherry eye and allergies

4 months old bully, he is on merrick puppy dry food the chicken one. He now has a cherry eye dr prescribed antibotics , a steroid as well, i dont see any improved but he did just start using the meds yesterday. He is also doing alot of licking and chewkng on his paws. Need to help him from a breeder in january end of it. 

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Bulldog puppies don't need...

to be on puppy food, they do better going right to adult food.  If he's paw licking and itchy, it would be best to go for a grain free food, preferably one with one protein and one carb (we use natural balance duck potato and they also have fish potato).  The protein should be around 24 or 25%, not higher for a growing pup or it can cause bone pain (pano).  When you decide which food to put him on, make the transition slowly so he doesn't get loose stools.  Reduce the old food by 1/4 cup and add new food at 1/4 cup for a couple of days, then go to 1/2 and 1/2, etc.  Our first bully had cherry eye at about 4 months and the vet did a surgical procedure to tack it back in.  I don't know what the antibiotics are for, the cherry eye isn't an infection unless he has some other reason for it.  Does your vet see a lot of bulldogs?  If not, there is a list of recommended vets on the home page, it's always wise to see a vet that knows about our guys' special needs.  Good luck with him, there is nothing better than a bulldog puppy!

Cherry eye

Thanks. Yes the merrick is grain free, and i will ne changing food possibly to the /fish one. Yes the dr ckd his eye amd there was no cornea or eye damage thank god! The antibotic has a hydrcort in it to help with the itching and a steroid for inflmmation, i hate seeing my lil guy like this. Dr suggested abt tacking next thursday if it isnt better by monday for recheck, i dont know how long it takes for these meds to even try to kick in. My vet does have ither bullies in office i made sure when i called for an appt there wanted to make sure they know the breed and have dealt with the breed.  

The antibiotics are

The antibiotics are absolutely appropriate as the cherry eye can be caused by an infection. If the eye is infected, or otherwise irritated, the tear gland at the corner of the eye can become inflamed and pop out somewhat which gives the cherry eye appearance. The gland can be gently messaged back in whenever it pops out and is very simple to do. If you are unnsure how to do this, ask your vet, or breeder, to show you how. Surgery is not neccessary, and is often only temporarily successful. If you are still determined to have the surgery done, have it done by veterinary ophthalmologist.

Here's a youtube video that shows how simple it is to massage the gland back into place:

The gland will continue to pop out until the infection is cleared up, or whatever it is that is irritating the eye.

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Steriods for a 4 month old puppy

What is wrong with vets. I recommend you find a holistic vet, change the food and stop the steriods.


Thank you i will look into that today. What do they do

Now back to vet- a bit bleeding cherry eye

So my daughter noticed that my bully hersheys left eye where the cherry eye is has two pin dots of blood called vet and hes going back in today at 11. Im so upset, i have been doing the requirement mesicine that the vet gave me to the T since wednesday, anyone else can tell me what or if they went thru this.

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Maybe he scratched it ...

let us know what the vet says.


Well the medicine wasnt working dr sd its worse like i knew it was and surgery will be on tuesday morning. So nervous, the dr will be tacking area and i grilled her on her skill and to make sure she did it before which she sd she has done 3 other bullies with same issue. I also changing food gog the natural balance fish and sweet potato. 

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Sounds like my girl

Hi there, our girl had the same issue at 6 months old. We did the tack surgery and its been over 2 years now and everything is great!!! No reprucussions from it! And the healing time wasnt even that long. Im sure your very worried as so was i, but im sure your baby is in good hands. Also we switched our girl to a great food, and she has done amazing on it so far, its called first mate sweet potato and fish. Sounds like your on the right track :) keep us updated


I want to say i am so happy that i joined this site, i really hope my baby will be better after the surgery and food change. I have only had either boxers or a great dane and this is all new to me, and i really appreciate all of u fellow members suggestions and support

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Some hints for surgery...

Make sure your vet is using Isoflurane or Sevoflurane for anesthetic.  Absolutely no ACE (a sedative that can cause respiratory failure in short nosed dogs).  Don't feed her for at least 12 hours before surgery so she won't vomit and aspirate.  Make sure that someone (vet or tech) is with her until the breathing tube is out and she's awake.  Just info I've picked up over the years, if you're vet sees bulldogs, I'm sure they follow these guidelines.

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Oops, I mean he...


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I'll add to this

the tube should not be taken out until he is awake. It needs to be left in for as long as they can...just incase something goes wrong. And someone should be with him the whole time he is waking up, he should never be left alone.

Update surgery today

So. Dr called me and stated had hard time putting tube down due to extra palate flapped over and was closing the throat suggested trimming the palate due to this issue, she sd eerything else is going good . I told her to fix the issue cuz i dont want any breathing issues at all. Any suggestions from others?

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Does Hershey still have issues with allergies?  I have a 4 1/2 yr old bully who is allergic to dust, mites and rag weed.  I tried changing her food when i realized there was an allergy some place just didn't know where.  Still didn't help so I ended up having the test to see what exactly she was allergic too. and benadryl didn't help her, so she is now on claritin twice a day for the rest of her life to help her live better and not be so itchy.  I know it sounds very weird to be giving her human allergy meds, but it definitly helps her.  When its rag weed season I can tell because she is extra itchy and her eyes water alot.    Good luck with the cherry eye, that is one thing bella has been blessed not to have.