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Need some input, please?

Every morning, Lily wakes up with green goobers in her eyes and it appears that this stuff seeps down into the wrinkles near her nose, on both sides, causing a red irritated area that's difficult to medicate. Her eyes need daily attention for various reasons and The Warden (Sue) has be applying Neomycin and Polymyxin B sulfates and Dexamethasone Ophthalmic ointment. So, could Lily have some sort of reaction to the med ointment? And Sue used a 50-50 solution of peroxide and apple cider vinegar for the hot spots in her wrinkles to attempt to dry the skin. That stuff burns and poor Lill rubs her face frantically. Also, Sue tried Malaseb medicated pads and that burns too. So, we're open to suggestions and Sue is pretty exasperated. Of course, we don't want Lily to suffer, but we're out of ideas. Thanks, in advance, for your help!

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Desitin doesn't burn...

you could try that.  Somebullys object to the smell, but I just try to keep our guys interested in a treat until they forget about it.  They also make Desitin like creams that don't smell, Aveeno is one.

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Thank you

I will try it. 

ACV and Peroxide needs to be diluted some

1 part ACV

1 part Peroxide

2-3 parts water

Good luck !


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All I have ever used for wrinkles

is non-alcohol antibacterial wipes. I get them at the market. I also try not to over clean, that can cause irritation, just a couple times a week, depending on how deep the wrinkles are.

Good luck


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i agree, i leave it alone...

this winters dry weather, rain, heater on, heater off, allergies have caused havoc with kibbys eyes, tearing, rope, everything... i find the best way is if its really wet and gunky, wipe it down with a warm wash cloth, wringed out of all the water... sometimes a little disinfectant rinse with water in the towel, but then rinsed out towel and wipe again. then try to walk so it can air dry. I just try to remove the majority of the gunk.. not deep clean. kibby will always get irritated if there are too many different chemicals going on left and right and if i am trying to wipe it 24/7.. it dries on its own and heals better on its own. i only use desitin very little, if absolutley necessary, like if it looks a little raw. good luck!


sincerely, christine