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Need some input on Chester's problems...

He had palate surgery almost a year ago.  He has some hemivertibrae in his back, which the ortho said are pretty stable.  He had surgery on his left front leg as a pup and that is doing good, no limp at all.  His back right leg is weak, sometimes if he plays hard, he will limp badly on it.  Rest usually makes it better along with Medicam (anti inflammatory).  When it's better, he doesn't limp.  He doesn't have a lot of stamina, he will run around and play for 5 minutes and then just lay down and sleep, which he does a lot of.  He is 5 years old.  Some days he refuses to go for a walk with the other two and he rarely stands for any amount of time, he will sit instead.  The ortho wants to do a TPLO surgery, but I'm not convinced he needs one when his leg responds to anti inflammatories.  We would spend the money and the aftercare if we thought it was the right thing to make him feel better or happier, but I'm not sure that's the answer.  He's a very affectionate boy and has his brat moments, barking at other dogs and rabbits, etc.  I just want him to feel as good as he can.  Any ideas or experiences would be welcome.

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i just want to huggles and

i just want to huggles and smoochies him...,lol,great help i am....

is there a time period that you have to do the surgery right away?

i'd see how it goes sweetie...he seems to be doing fine on the anti inflammatories no?

smoochies the scrunchy faces

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I don't have much experience, but I guess u have to consider he and whether or not it's something that u would eventually have to do? I would hate to do unnecessary surgery because your guy sounds like my girl who is now 8... Same type of activity, energy level, and sore days.. But I don't see what's rong with it. I recently did acl surgery for my beagle, she is only 6 , but it's been 3 months, still not recovered..,she walks like n old lady now, but hoping it will go back to normal in another couple of months. Surgery is a big deal. Good luck!


sincerely, christine