Milez cry for help

Hi Milez is a five yr stud with over all great health, we noticed he had not been eating well and we were alarmed when he let out an unusual painfull cry. We took him into the VET ER they did an Xray see if he may of eating something he shouldn't of?and sent home with pain med and paracite antiobiotics. We gave him soft food so he could eat and take the meds but still not convinced its been resolved. We will take him into the vet for and oral exam. Please any advice. He is one he doesn't chew he just swallows so we thought maybe an esopheageal inflammation maybe?



Have your vet do a complete exam of his mouth

We had a dog with an absessed tooth, extremely painful and can be hard to find. Our guy went through a couple of rounds of antibiotics with no luck so the vet sedated him to locate the abscess, it was pulled and no more problems.

Good luck


Lynn King CPDT-KA