Does anyone know anything about this? My 2 year old american bulldog was diagnosed with this last night they a started her on a steroid fusion. We are still waiting on test result for Neospora as well.

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Interesting it is basically the same as human Meningitis. It's a spinal cord and brain infection. Cause can be from ear, eye, or nasal cavity infection. The infection can reach the brain through the blood in dogs with compromised immune systems.

Very sorry, I hope they both do well with the treatment.

Sounds very serious. :(

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Our Bassett hound was diagnosed at about 6 months old. She started seizing one night out of the blue. It can be caused be an infection present now or a past one that the immune system is overreacting to now and causing inflammation in the brain and spinal cord. Dixie was VERY sick. She spent a week in the neuro ICU. We visited her one night and she didn't have use if her back legs at all and was blind. It was heartbreaking and we were very close to putting her down that night. The vet on duty advised us to give her one more day. We did and she was much better. She was treated with a very strong antibiotic, high dose steroids (over weeks), and anti seizure meds. When she came home, she couldn't walk still. We had to loop a beach towel under back legs and support her. She was weak and couldn't stand up to eat. Our bulldog, Rebel, went from crazy 2 year old bully to attentive older brother in no time. He would grab food from the bowl, carry it in his mouth to her, and drop it where she could reach it. Once her legs got a little stronger, he walked by her side so she could lean against him to steady her. She slowly improved and now is a lovely, normal dog. We took her off the seizure meds after about two years. The only long time effect has been that she got very fat on the steroids and seizure meds. We've never gotten the weight off; we are just able to maintain it. Wishing your baby the same wonderful recovery.

OMG, I'm so happy to hear

OMG, I'm so happy to hear something postive. Babe Ruth didn't show any improvements with the 24 hour steroid drip. They started her on antibiotics and a 12 hour Cytosar drip. She looked so bad last night. I need to hear some good news. My husband keeps trying to prepare me for the worse and I keep shutting him out. Babe's treatments just started on monday. Waiting on a call from the Dr to hear about changes over night. I prayed to all my angels to help my girl. How long was your girl in treatment for before she started responding to the meds?

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Dixie's recovery

You know, 7 years later it is a little fuzzy now, but I think it was on the fourth or fifth day. It had been a few long, tough days which is why the one late night we seriously thought it was time to let go. She was bad. They put her on the floor for us and she tried to pull hersel to us with just her front legs, she couldn't she a darn thing, and she was just whimpering. We were blessed it was the middle of the night (my husband is a police officer and works off shifts so we went to visit after he was off) and the night time vet just asked us to wait one more day until we could talk it over with the neuro specialists. The next day, she was a little better, and a little better the next. We convinced them to let us take her home and between the two of us, we managed to take time off to stay with her 24/7 for about a week. Like I said no long term effects (other than fatness!! but we're all a little plump around her, so we'll take that). Prayers for your baby!! I hope the steroids start kicking in soon. Give it some time; it wasn't a fast healing process at all. Even after we got home, it was probably six months until she was all the way back. Please keep us updated. Let me know if you have other questions I can help you with! Here's a pic of our little miracle basset!

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my thoughts an prayers are with you an your family.....



Cory & Penelope

Any new updates?

I've been thinking of your girl.



This has been a tough week Babe Ruth just started responding to the meds yesterday. The techs found her standing in her run.  The reports came back and she does not have any infectious diseases.  Just the auto immune disease.  She is getting stronger each day today she jumped on my husband and held all her weight on her rear legs which were paralyzed two days ago.  She is extremely weak and tired easily.  The dr said she is not out of the woodwork but things look good.  We are in for a long recovery with 8 to 10 months of oral meds.  She can possibly come home Monday!!! So excited.

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I'm so happy to see this update...

I was hoping we'd see some good news!  Hope he continues to improve. 

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So happy to hear this!!

So happy to hear this!! Please keep us updated on her journey.

Awesome news...Getting her home where she can be around her

family should lift her spirits and help in her recovery.  Please keep us updated with her progress.