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Maybull collapsed and couldn't get up

We came home after being gone about 5 hours and Maybull had collapsed in the kitchen. She doesn't seem in pain, she seems alert and hungry but her back legs just don't seem to hold her up. She can stand, but can't walk on the kitchen floor or the hardwood floors. The rugs seem easier for her, but she doesn't want to walk, even a few steps. We don't have any idea what's going on or what to do. Does anyone have a theory? Thanks.

Maybull is 13.5 years old and she's had some problems with arthritis in her front paws, but this is her back right leg which seems to be sliding out from under her. She also splays when she lies down.

We've been home for about an hour (7:30 pm, Monday).

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She seems much better, now.

She's walking around fairly normally, went outside and did a poo without any problem. Ate dinner and drank water. I don't know, but I'm calling the vet tomorrow.

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I hope all is well today with Maybull.

Any update?


Amy and Sophia

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Hope she's still doing OK

Sweet old girl!