lung not inflating

My grandbully has been fighting pheumonia for the last 3 weeks, they did an xray yesterday and said his left lung is not inflating properly so are asending him for an ultra sound, I am trying to stay positive,but my worst fear is cancer has anybody else gone throught this. thanks


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no experience...but pls stay

no experience...but pls stay positive...hope he/she gets better,ols keep us posted-love the pic!
smoochies the scrunchy faces

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Could be that the pneumonia

Could be that the pneumonia has caused some fluid or even pus to collect in the space between the lung and the chest wall. The ultrasound will show fluid and if it is there how thick it is and if any pockets have formed. Depending on the size and how the dog is doing they can just continue antibiotics or maybe drain the fluid. Hope all turns out well. Their coloring is similar to my boy!

Any news on your Grandbully?

Hope all is well.


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Hi Lynne, he is doing much

Hi Lynne, he is doing much better,the specialist said  the white is probably infection so he is on strong antibotics, and a recheck in 2 weeks, but i can see a big difference in him in just a week, so will keep you updated, hope all is well with you