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Losing Hair in Patches

Hey All, it's been a while since I've posted anything about Tank (which is a good thing for him!) but he seems to be losing his hair in patches (see picture). The skin under looks dry and a little red but not infected or inflamed or anything. The hair wont really come out on its own, but if I am petting him and pull it then it just starts falling out. I've just started applying Calm Coat to these patches (there are maybe 3 on him, the picture is the biggest one), but was wondering if there is anything else I should be applying to his coath or supplementing his diet with. 

Thanks all! 

James and Tank

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Staph Infection

He might have a staph infection. Once in a great while Kohl will get one of these and I don't do much. I might use a little Vetricin or Genticin spray on it. If he has several I would take him to the vet to have a scraping done.

How old is he? If he's around 6 months it could also be demodetic mange. A scraping would determine this as well.

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Thanks! He's 5

He's 5. I'll try that spray and see if it helps and make an appt at vet. He isn't bothered by them, and its not completely new, but he's never had so many at once. 

Thanks for the advice!


Same thing

Happened to my dog.. it turned out to be mites... I did not want him dipped or giving anything... I used neem and coconut oil on the patched every night... Go to the vet and get him scrapped first to see what this is... Neem works great on skin problems in animals (but your have to use another oil with it- straight neem is too strong)...

Omega-3 supplement might help the healing process

We give Brit" Welactin" it is a natural omega-3supplement for dogs. Our vet recommended, & it works well. Brit suffers from seasonal flank alopecia.