limping after napping

My 6.5 y/o bulldog Floyd has been limping for about 5-10 steps after he gets up from a nap or just after laying down for a bit.  He seems to walk it off rather quickly and get back to normal.  It seems to only be his front legs, so I don't think it has anything to do w/his hips.  It's been happening for about 10 days or so.  Could this be a sign of arthritis coming on?  Anyone have any other suggestions as to what it could be?  I don't think its a strained muscle b/c its only happening upon standing up....


Dave and Floyd 

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sounds like it could be arthritis

is he on any glucosamine or anything?


He's not on Glucosamine

I'm going to take him to the vet and see what they say.  If you have any other arthritis advice, I'd love to hear.Thanks.

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my boy just started this too.

Mr. Higgins, on getting up from a long sleep seems to have no back end. He tries to stand up with difficulty, without moving for a few moments, then limps for a couple of minutes before he walks normally. He is 8 now, had 3 knee surgeries and no patella on one side. He has been on joint supplements since a year old. When I say he walks normally, I mean normal for him. The leg with the patella removal has the tibia rotating outward now and we are simply making sure he is not in pain and I keep him to controlled leash walks only. .No stairs or hills ever. No jumping up onto furniture or playing with other dogs involving jumping. I do though play tug with him because he loves it and I can control how long we do it. I know it would not take much for that leg to go altogether and there is no surgical fix anymore. I am trying to preserve it as long as possible.

His supplement contains glucosamine, msm , cetyl myristoleate, devils claw, botswella serrata, and curcuma zedoria. He gets a teaspoon in each meal (3 meals a day).