Leaving a deaf bulldog home alone


Not sure if this fits into 'medical,' or not, but here goes. We have had molly for roughly 10months now, she is a deaf female bulldog about 2 years old. We believe she was abandoned and likely abused. I have only been working part time (2 days) for the last 10months, so molly has only been on her own occasionally. Sometimes she has been on her own for full days, she doesnt seem to be destructive at all. Now I have a full time job, I'll be gone from roughly 8am -5pm Monday - Friday, and I'm affraid she'll get lonely.  

She has toys, access to all areas of the house as well as outside, but just looking at that face when I leave her, breaks my heart. :( We are in the process of looking for a doggy friend for her, from shelters but this takes time, the vet is also unsure if she has had all her vaccinations, so we are easing her into those, and therefore cannot take her to a doggy daycare. (price wise, i think this would get quite pricey rather quickly) 

So my question is: are any of you in a similar situation, and can you provide me with some reassurance that im not being a neglectful mum lol I really do worry about her. It's possible she'll have some people pop round some days of the week, but nothing concrete. 

Thanks for your advice, and heres a pic of my molly. :) 

I'm glad you put deaf in the tittle,

as I know there are some that have or have had deaf bullies.

Molly is precious!

I have never been home full time with Kofi. My advice would be to walk Molly before or after you get home. I would walk Kofi each morning.

Don't make a big deal of it when you leave or return. I heard that advice somewhere, and it worked for me. At first Kofi was crated, but at about three, I gave her the run of the house.

Doggy day cares scare me. Unless you are quite sure it is exceptionally managed, I would steer clear.

Molly will be fine, and you will be so happy to have her to return home too. Enjoy life with your sweet girl  

Hugs to Molly from Kofi and me.

P.S Don't let the sad little face in the window upset you! She will be comfortably snoozing in a few.


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title duh



Kofi and Carol


The wife thinks I'm crazy but... I leave the TV on :)

I realize your baby is deaf, and it might not have the same effect, but I leave the TV on all day, I dont know if Gizmo enjoys it or not, but she is always in my recliner, fast asleep when I get home.  Hershey just turned 1, and doesnt have full run of the house when we are gone.    Remember, crate training, not only protect the house from the bully, but protects the bully from the house.



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Do that too!

Tucker likes watching the all day news channel :) Well, he mostly watches the insides of his eyelids.


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The TV is a great idea! We do

The TV is a great idea! We do that when we sometimes go out for dinner in the evening, it never occured to me to do it during the day! Thanks for all your advice, you've taken a weight off my shoulders! Love all your pics by the way...gorgeous!! :)