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Lana went blind in left eye now I think the right eye is going..

Hi everyone 

It's been a really long time since I posted on here.. I hope all is well with everyone..

Lana just had her check up by the vet a few days ago , she told me she is blind in the left eye,which we figured...  today it seems like she is going blind in the right eye at times.. Has anyone experienced blindness in there bulldog? And what did you do? 

Thank you 

Gina & Lana

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poor puppy

Is your dog taking trifexis


Scott. Phelps

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no, what is trifexis? Lana

no, what is trifexis? Lana just turned 9 i was thinking its old age :-( 

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Oh Lana :(

My favorite girl. How old is she now?

Celine would be a great help to you, I hope she sees your post.

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Hey Deb,Lana just turned 9

Hey Deb,

Lana just turned 9 dec 19th..  i feel so bad i dont know what to do :-( 

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They adjust

I think it is much harder on us. But I haven't had one go completely blind. Cleo has some limited vision in one eye. My sister sometimes wonders if she sees well at all, she's pretty funny because sometimes you can look at her and she doesn't appear to be looking at you at all, like she has crazy eyes. :(

Celine's girl went blind later in life, so she could give you some great advise.

Our red kids are getting old, MacKenzie will be 10 in May :(. He sees fine but is having a very difficult time motivating, he limps badly in a shoulder for front leg/ankle and has some spine problems.

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Awe Mackenzie he was always

Awe Mackenzie he was always my favorite ..  Besides her not seeing , she still has problems with both knees plus she is very over weight!!  In sept she got sick from then it seems like she went down hill.. She doesn't play anymore, she doesn't even suck on her baby. Her nose got all crusty ,she moans when she moves after her naps.. Kills me!  I spoke to my husband tonight and I told him if she goes totally blind we have to put her down.. I don't want her to suffer... I'll suffer after.. I'll be in a mental hospital !! 

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Gina and Lana!

My girl Stella went blind at 9 years old and lived three happy years more (well, two, but her health issues were not related to her eyesight). Please don't panic! I know how upsetting it is, believe me, but she's going to adapt just fine.

My girl actually had benign tumors in both of her eyes that forced us (because it was so painful) to remove both her eyballs. She had one eye sewn shut and the other had a prosthetic (more for us than for her). So, in her case, the blindness was sudden - bam, lights out. Trust me, we really struggled with the decision of whether to let her go or not. We decided to try and see how it went - and got almost three more years of snuggles out of her. In fact, she adapted much better than we did.

For Lana, this is a more gradual process, so it won't be as shocking to her. They have a really good visual memory of things that are important to them: their food and water dish, the path to mummy's bed, etc., lol. After a while, you could hardly tell Stella was blind in our appartment, she just knew where she was going.

We developed several little "tricks" to make things a bit easier for her - and for us. I won't go into all that in this message, but if you want to contact me by private message on this board, I have a wealth of experience in this area and will be glad to share.

I know you're worried about Lana... but I'm not. She has a mummy who loves her and will take care of her. And that's all that really matters.

Write me and we'll talk!!!

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ok i just read that and a dam

ok i just read that and a dam of tears just burst...
i never got the chance to be w/my archie for more than 17 months...celine i'm so glad you got 3 years more w/stella
regardless her health issues,(((hugs)))

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huggles and smoochies lana

huggles and smoochies lana