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Kidney Stones

Has anyone had to deal with this with their doggys?  Fatboy had blood in his urine last night, so I took him to the vet this morning.  He's urinating fine, but the vet is saying he'll have to be castrated to have stones removed.  Is this accurate?  So far he is pee'ing fine (no pain or strain).  I'm kind of worried and irritated because I asked for Butchko, but we were given another Vet.  I feel like she doesn't know what she's doing.  

Fatboy had a urine analysis, so I'll know the results tomorrow morning.  She also did a ultrasound and said she thought she could see a small obstruction in his urethra.  She wanted to use a catheter but decided against it because she didn't want to cause an irritation.  

Also, she gave him a bunch of medications for what might be a food allergy issue.  Would you consider this a red flag?  Fatboy has never ending skin fold and eye issues.  His infection in his fold keeps coming back, so she gave him Enrofloxacin, ketoconazole, and gentocin (for his eye goubers).  I'm on my way to the pet store to hopefully get another dog food.  My poor boy has tried almost everything; he just can't get a break.  I'm taking him off the dehydrated raw and trying Nature's Variety Instinct.  

I feel like I'm doing everything wrong with him.  Any advice, insight or words of encouragement will be greatly appreciated.  I really don't want him to be castrated; this option seems really extreme.  


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I wish I had some answers.

So sorry you couldn't get the vet you asked for. Can you try again?

I started Kofi on Nature's Variety Raw Instinct as soon as it came to our area. She has been on it for about three months and lost 10 pounds. I'd been feeding raw going on four years, but can't get a good variety in my area. I'm very pleased with Raw Instinct. 

I hope you can get another opinion for your little guy. I have to have confidence in my vet!

Hugs to Fatboy from Kofi and me  


Kofi and Carol


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I would definitely get a second opinion from Dr. Butchko.

Sounds off to me, but I have never had a dog with kidney stones. To be sure, get that second opinion!! I would go no farther than that. And meds for allergies? She should be looking for the allergen to remove the symptoms, not just treating the symptoms. Just my opinion.....


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bouncer bled at 6 months

 Hi I hope this is some help  to you bouncer at 6 months had a prolapse uretha and had blood all over my floor I thought the poor guy was bleeding to death...I took him to my vet and it stopped or a little while then when i got home more of the same but i was lucky and had a great vet. Turns out he was humping a stuffed frog I got him and I thought it was kinda funny well some bulldog's and other small dogs have this condition and have to be fixed so they dont get excited i had him fixed and cherry eye fixed at the same time , since then I've been pleased with everything. sure I hated to fix him cause I wanted to breed him once and keeep one of his puppies... but I'll take a healthy dog anyday...look on line about this ...I hope its been helpful  and maybe your boy doesnt have this ( oh by the way after he was fixed we treated the area with a cream the vet gave us)




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sorry about the double posts but

do a search on your computor for ...prolapsed urethra in bulldogs and you can see if this is what fatboy may have if not at least its helpful info...




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FIrst of all---(((HUGS!!!))) You ARE doing the right things!! I

hate to see you so hard on yourself....it's not you, you're doing everything you can!!!  I would DEFINITELY go to the other vet

you mentioned.......and if for some reason that vet isn't possible, then another one!  Also, sorry sweet Fatboy is going

through so much---poor guy!!  Please send him ((( hugs ))) from Meaty, Sophie, and I ....we're also praying for y'all !!!  :-) 


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Second Opinion

and a diagnosis that isn't a maybe before allowing surgery. Especially since you do not have a comfort level with this vets diagnosis or experience.

Wait for the test results and you can do some research on Struvite Crystals which is what they are commonly called in canines.

This can be caused from diet but it can also be hereditary or infection from UTI. If hereditary it is highly recommended you don't use the dog in a breeding program and/or have an HUU test done to determine if he is clear or a carrier.

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Sampson had stones

Hopefully the issue is resolved by now, but I just saw the post. One red flag that I saw was the recommendation for castration. Removing the testicles causes the urethra to get smaller, which would make the problem worse. Sampson had to have surgery. His urethra was cut nearly to the end because the stones had gone that far and he came home with it still open because the vet said that closing it with stitches would cause more scar tissue in the urethra than letting it close on its own. He actually peed through the opening until it healed and he would bleed everywhere when he was excited. Needless to say, he was confined to the kitchen for a couple of weeks. Anyway, it healed well and he has thankfully never had the problem again.
There are several types of stones, most of the time they are caused by uric acid in dogs because of the purines in dog food. Now, Sampson eats only Science diet u/d. Very expensive, but worth it.