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Kibby update.. Too much protein? Uti too?

Dear all, just an update frommy past posts and a couple of questions. So the vet got her bloodwork back and says that everything looked fine except that it shows Kibby has a uti and high protein levels in her kidneys? They are doing a urine culture and poo test now too. Vet says that ths could be a sign that her kidneys are not working right and ths could be what is causing the tremors. They recommended to keep seeing how does but to consider doing a kidney flush for her, where they would keep her for a day and just have an Iv stuck in her the whole day. Does this seem right to you? 

Kibby hasn't shown any signs of uti, she will usually pee in the house, or I will see her pee more often or I will a drop of blood at the end of her pee.. She does have a history of uti though. I didn't even know that they took her pee when they did bloodwork... They say it's part of their senior testing. 

Anyways, of course I will do whatever it takes to make Kibby better but at the same time, I don't want to o ny unnecessary procedures , especially if they can not tell me for sure that this is causing the tremors. 

I kinda still think it might have been the gardners weed killer as that was the only thing that was different on tht day it happened. They say they o this flushing more often for cats. Is there any other way I can get her protein levels down without doing this flushing? 

Also , just FYI... Although this vet seems thorough and nice, I don't think she is a bully dr. My normal bully vet passed away recently, so this other vet is taking his place. I say this because I heard her mention that these tremors are not typical for her breed, whereas I know from Bdw that many bully's get tremors right? Can anyone recommend a new bully vet near San leandro, ca. The only other one listed on here is about an hour away!thanks for everyone help! 


sincerely, christine

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Also any dry food recommendations w/low protein?

I am currently feeding her half cups of california natural senior plus 1 teaspoon of wet wellness 95% x four a day. This dry food has 28.6% protein in it.  Kibby is allergic to beef, pork, rabbit, tomatoes, wheat, yeast, spinach, shellfish, green beans, peanuts, barely, sweet potatoes, and bananas,

. You would surprised at how many dry foods have tomatoes and sweet potatoes in it!  I wouldn't change her food until she is better but I figure I start doing some research now! 


sincerely, christine

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head tremors

As a fellow loyal bully owner I know it breaks your heart while watching your poor girl shake, but I spent the outragious amount of money for test upon test and then ended up at a pet neurologist.  He said that its basically just a misfire in the brain, they don't harm the dogs just the owners!  But the bullys know we are stressing about them and then that stresses them out.  So we are supposed to hide our emotions!  Bella's tremors just happened completely out of the blue one morning after i had left for work.  My boyfriend sent me a video of what she was doing, I dropped everything I was doing and brought the video to my vet and they originally thought it was seziures.  they wanted to start her on phenabarbatol right away, but before doing that my vet did some research and found some stuff out about the tremors. So If you think this vet may not really know much about bullys, it may be worth looking into seeing if there is a neurologist around your area.  Especially if your current vet is just kind of grasping at straws saying it could be this or could be that.  That way you will have some kind of answer from a vet that knows what he is talking about vs. just going through the list of possibile things wrong.  Thats a good way to make yourself crazy (and broke!) and put unneeded stress on your girl.  

My girl also has UTI issues, and you are so right we KNOW when there is an issue by the smell or even the little drop of blood.  Bella is actually on nitrofurontoin for the rest of her life as a preventative and also a cranberry pill.  Maybe just adding a daily cranberry pill to her routine would help with her UTI's.  

These are all just thoughts and my personal experiences.  I know each bully is their own dog, but if any of the information i have learned from the thousands of dollars worth of vet care can help someone I will keep telling my experiences!  Good Luck with Kibby!  I hope you get some kind of answers soon.  

oh... and if you don't want to keep giving her honey, what I do in the middle of the night with Bella when she starts her tremors is have some kind of treat next to my bed, i hold on to it while she tries getting it out of my hand, and I don't let her have it until she stops shaking.  The process of trying to get the treat from me breaks the misfires in her brain and she usually stops.  Bella is actually having surgery for a tumor removal next week, and having a blood test that gives her glucose levels for the past 3 weeks to see if the tremors really are linked to low blood sugar or not.  Her tremors usually happen late at night or early morning also. 

GOOD LUCK!!!  We will be praying for you and Kibby!!

Solid Gold has some low protein foods. The Holistic blend

has 18% and the lamb has 22%.  When Sadie was having protein and Uti issues,  we used the Holistic blend.  Good Luck with your girl in that she gets back on the right track.


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thanks, but these have barley in them

its so hard to find a food without something she is allergic to!


sincerely, christine

I know it's far...

But I go to any amazing bully vet in Santa Rosa (Dr. Dotti at VCA Sequoia Valley). You could call and do a phone the very least she could tell you if she thinks that you need to find a new vet. Nothing would hurt at this point. And it's not such a bad drive (wine country is nice this time of year).



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I won't feed more than a 25% protein diet to Sophie..

I feed Purina One lamb and rice. But for allergies I would stick with either Natural balance (one of the lower protein mixes), or maybe Wellness.

Wish I could offer some help, but that is all I can tell you! Hope it all works out ok.


Amy and Sophia