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kibby having both eyes swollen! allergic reaction?

my poor girl. yesterday around 1 am , she woke up and one of her eyes were swollen shut, she kept trying to scratch her eyes with her paws. I thought it was a bug bite. this morning, both of her eyes are pretty swollen, she can barely open one of them. I gave her a benedryl and ahalf around 6am. she had a little bit of diarehea, but otherwise just looks miserable and confused because she cant really see anything around her.

the gardener came yesterday morning, mowed everything and trimmed. I washed all the sheets yesterday, and she had a bath too. she didn't eat anything out of the ordinary... maybe a small finger nail size of a shrimp or fish cracker around midnight. she took a Claritin yesterday afternoon, as she usually does- but I did skip the last 2 days of Claritin.

Do you think its because of me skipping two days of Claritin? she usually has 1 daily. I skipped it because on occasion her poo would have a little blood so I was doing trial and error to see what it might be. Or does this sound like something she ate? She has slept in clean sheets washed in tide and bounce before without issue. She is breathing ok, she just looks sad and doesn't want to put her head down all the way.

emergency vet? wait until I can give her another dose of benedryl? or can I wait until tmrw to go to vet? she just went to the vet day before yesterday to check out why her poo has occasional drop of blood.


sincerely, christine

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Let's not go in panic mode

Let's not go in panic mode yet...although this may or

may not relate several years ago i woke up w/something

similar...n it could not be case scenario

is he might've had an infection n one eye transferred to

to the other...that was how it was explained to

did u find that benadryl worked in any way?not sure how the 

cutie pie reacts to compresses but try to keep areas clean...

Either way u need to go to the vet just to rule out anything 

serious...pls keep usposted and sending good thoughts

and vibes your way,smoochies the scrunchy face

You can Push the swelling down

I found out that you can push the side of the Bullies eyes down and the swelling will go away, but his depends on what type of eye swelling it is. Their is a video of this eye issue on Youtube. Check it out.  My Molley had this type of eye swelling, I did what the video showed and Molley's eye was back to normal after a few days.I hope I was of hep, If this is the same type of swelling. 

Best wishes from Aude and Molley.

Sounds like it could be a combination of all the above

seems like alot of things that are common triggers, may have caused the reaction. I would re-wash her bedding/sheets in plain water and if you can, keep her off of the freshly mowed grass. Maybe gently wipe her face with a damp warm cloth

Personally, I wouldn't rush to the emergency vet. If she isn't getting worse and her breathing is O.K., she probably has seen the worst of it.

Good luck


Lynn King CPDT-KA

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I agree with Lynn, keep her comfortable and...

watch her breathing. It sounds like a few things happened yesterday that could trigger it, maybe your gardner used some kind of spray or fertilizer that set her off, or even some of the trimmings. Also, Tide is the worst for allergies, we had one guy that would only have to walk into a room where the sheets were washed in Tide and he would break out in hives.  Allergies can happen suddenly even though you've used the same detergent or foods for years.  Oliver's eyes swelled up a few years ago, they both looked like he had been punched.  We never did figure out what it was from, just kept giving him the benedryl until it went away.  Just watch her so that she doesn't start rubbing her eyes and maybe causing a corneal scratch or ulcer.  

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Agree not to Panic

and as long as her breathing is normal then it's not an emergency vet situation. BUT I would get her into the vet tomorrow morning if the swelling isn't noticeably better. I would alos check her eyes to make sure she deosn't have anything in them, ie grass clipping.

I had a puppy get a horse hair in her eyelid and it caused it to swell and get very red.

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she has been sleeping now

She does seem a little bit better.. she started opening one of her eyes more about 2 hrs ago. Hoping that the next dose of benedryl at 6pm will help more. Vet told me before that she should take a pill and a half, she weighs 46lbs.. but others on forum have said 1 pill is enough. She has been taking her afternoon nap, still breathing ok. She looked like she wanted to puke earlier but nothing came out. She wasnt heaving or anything, she just looked nauseaus and it might have been just her usually bully clearing of the throat.

The gardener did put some weed killer on the side yard, but i made sure kibby didnt walk in it. Maybe its airborne? And since she started having symptoms in the middle of the night.. wouldnt it more likely be something she ate or slept on within the last hour or two prior? I am not really sure how allergies work since i dont have any!


sincerely, christine

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I agree witht he lady's

I'm sorry to hear your going through this an I hope it all clears up soon cause there's nothing worse then feeling helpless in not being able to help your bully.


Cory & Penelope