Ketoconazole and Ciproflaxacin together for ear infection?

Has anyone's bullie ever taken Ketoconazole and Cipro (both oral) during the same time period?  Was prescribed these, along with ear drops, for a persistant ear infection (yes, it was cultured and didn't return any results).  These both seem like heavy-duty drugs to me and I was curious how my boy might react if given both.  Thanks to everyone for your great advice on these Forums!!!

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They do two different things...

cipro is a broadspectrum antibiotic and ketoconzole is an antifungal.  Sounds like he's covering all his bases since the culture shows nothing.  I would do both if my vet recommended it.

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keto and cipro

Agreed, both are very strong and different drugs. i believe my boy was on Keto for a short while, but made him a little lethargic so I stopped it. Try the keto first day and make sure there are no bad reactions, then start the cipro the next day. My boy had very serious ear issues, but have since been resolved. The real trick is to find out what's causing them. My boy's was a food related allergy. Hope the infection clears soon and you get to the root of the problem quickly.

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Im telling you! Ruffles has chronic ear infections so bad the previous owners got rid of him because they couldn't afford the vets bills for him. I get Zymox on line and it works wonders! gets rid of the infection in two days. Just sayin....