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Joint Supplements

Tater will be 7 in July, we just went for his yearly checkup and the vet recommended Dasuquin as a joint supplement.  Tater is a little slow getting up and has a little limp for the first few minutes after he does get up.  It doesn't seem to bother him but they recommeneded a joint supplement because of the limp and since he is getting older.  I just wanted to check in to see what brand supplement you may be using and around what age or what symptoms made you start giving them the supplement?  Thanks!!


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We use Synovi 3 for our guys...

Chester has a bad leg and his back is sometimes stiff.  I order it though 1-800-petmeds

I use Liquid Health K-9 Glucosamine. I order it online from

Amazon or Vitacost.  I've had good luck with it.


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I use the Liquid Health as well

studies show liquid is absorbed better.