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Itchy Paws/Yeast

Hi!  I took my 1 yeard old bully to the vet yesterday for her yearly check up and the vet said she had a mild case of yeast between her toes and her paws.  He could tell bc she has been licking them.  He gave us a special shampoo and powder.  Also he mentioned she might be allergic to grain and to think about switching to a grain-free food. 

Just curious if anyone has dealt with this before and has any other ideas for us!



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What food are you feeding?

If she has red stains and is feet licking and yeasty then she has issues going on that could be allergy related.  They can also have contact allergies (ie grass, floor cleaners, detergent, etc.)   I would definitely look into other foods.


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me too

boy, if you get a solution to this, it will help my Mr. Higgins too. Between me and my vet, nothing has helped at all. Salt in the winter makes it worse, so he has to wear boots. We have dealt with this all his life. Hope someone has a fix I haven`t tried yet.


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Royal Canin

We are trying the shampoo/powder and just found a grain-free food Natures Reserve.  Have you heard of it?


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Here's a good site for reviews of dog food

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Another good site...

Another good site is:


the exact same thing!

Yep! We are going through the EXACT same thing. Darby chronically licks her back paws, and gets a disgusting funky yeast infection in her feet that in turn smells TERRIBLE!!! We are in the midst of our battle, have changed food, and are on yeast meds. I sure do hope we can figure this out!!!