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Iris cysts?

Cooper had a vet appointment this week and his vet actually noticed that he has Iris cysts in both of his eyes. He is 3 years old and this is the first I have heard of this.  She said that they are rare and that they usually do not cause any trouble but she would take note of them .   She said if they appear to get larger then she would recommend a visit to an opthamologist. I was wondering if anyone has had any experience with this ?  He was in there a few months ago and we had a dry eye test done but she did'nt notice them then?  She did'nt seem to concerned but I was hoping someone here might have some more knowledge of them. Thanks Tiffany


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Gosh, I don't guess I have heard of this.

But I hopoe you get an answer from someone familiar with the problem. Best wishes...


Amy and Sophia

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I've not heard of it either.

Is this vet familiar with bulldogs?  I would definitely be doing some research.  Best wishes!


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Iris cysts

I have no experience with these, but a quick google will give you some information.  I would at least for peace of mind consult an opthalmologist to confirm and learn what options you might have and what the long term prognosis is.  It appears they can cause glacoma.

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We saw a veterinary

We saw a veterinary opthalmologist because one night when I was shining a flashlight i caught sight of a weird bubble in Matilda's eye. She has a few small ones in her eyes and the Dr. told us that it is not painful and they would only ever consider doing anything about them if the dog started to have some sort of vision trouble, other eye problems, or if they started to 'thicken' and 'harden'. He said that otherwise they do not normally cause a problem for the dog and the best course of action is to leave them alone.