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Infection in male gentials

Our 4 year old male bulldog had has some infection in the skin flap were his penis come out of. It is white, yellowish color.

He is fixed, so im not to sure what could have caused this or what to do about it. He has had it for about a week. We have tried cleaning it but it has not helped ??

And ideas what this could be ? ?

Farley had that a few years ago...

he's neutered as well.  Take him to the Vet. When Farley had it he had gotten a blade of grass in the sheath of his penis after we had cut the grass.  He then got an infection and had a small prolapse.

 Farley needed a round of antibiotics and we had to flush the sheath with saline once a day to get the infection out.  But he recovered quickly with no ill effects.