Infected tail pocket.. at my witts end.. HELP..

 My Jada has a very tight tail and now it is infected. I have had her on a round of Primor 600 which did nothing, she is now on Baytril... i was told by my Vet (who breeds and shows Bulldogs) that I should keep it as dry as possible meaning do not put anything in there such as Gold Bond medicated powder, cornstarch, neosporin, desitin or any other diaper cream,.. she had suggested to use yeast wipes (Vagisil) to kill the bacteria.. problem is , it is NOT working !!!!!   it has become so raw my lil girl cries if I am trying to touch with the wipe at all.. The Vet said a last option would be get a tail reconstruction, however, they are very dangerous because it is part of their spine and have nerves and stuff... I would not want to do this..

I have heard LOTS of Bully owners swear by Malaseb wipes before, however, they have quit making them.. have no idea what else to do... any onfo would be greatly apppreciated..

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Highly Recommend

using something like Gentocin.  Spray it on a cotton cosmetic pad if you can't spray it directly under her tail and softly wipe every couple of hours.  NO other products, powders, etc.  IMO all the powders, creams, make the tail pocket gunky and make a nice warm goopy place for the bacteria to grow.  The spray should be an antiseptic astrigent. 

If it continues to become infected which is painful, a tail amputation is likely the final solution.  There are many you have had this surgery done very successfully.  Are there risks absolutely, but there are great surgeons.  Find one you are confortable with that has lots of experience with this type of surgery.

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I've had a couple foster

I've had a couple foster bullies w/very tight tails that were infected.  My vet has me use BNT ointment (also use it in their infected ears).  I can tell you that it works really well - clears the infection then I do maintenance as necessary (daily, every other day, weekly....).

BNT is by prescription - comes in a tube to dispense and has the consistency of vasoline.  Once applied to the tail or ears, it stays in for 2 weeks then can be cleaned out.

I swear it works well - give it a shot, good luck!

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I have 2 girls and one of

I have 2 girls and one of them had to have her tail removed. She was in chronic pain and had infections all the time. I'd give that serious consideration.



Gizmo's tail was Amputated -- for her, the best solution

You are sounding just like us 2 years ago, after several months at attempting to keep her tail infection free, we Vet suggested the surgery - it isnt an easy surgery (for the Vet) and he is an older Vet who swore he wouldnt do anymore...but 'This case is so extreme. . . ' that he did.

Gizmo is different, between night and day, she is COMFORTABLE, and clean, no longer sore, and we dont make her uncomfortable trying to clean out the tail pocket.   Gizmo had an inverted corkscrew, where it came back towards the body, and the pocket was about 3+ inches deep.

Surgery needs to be atleast considered an option. (I'm not saying run out today and have it done) just consider it, and leave it on the table for discussion.

Risky? is all surgery for bullies. But find a surgery center, or a bully specialist, who specializes in this type of work, for the best possible outcome.

Good Luck


Last steps taken May 26, 2014 -- Been rolling along ever since . . . . 

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New product for tail pocket that my son call the "Miracle cream"

My son's bulldog had chronic tail pocket issues.  A few months ago our vet gave him a new ointment to try.  Only have to apply it every two weeks.  Since he started using it his bulldog has had no issues at all with his tail.  He is so pleased and calls this the miracle ointment.   Can also be used for chronic ear infections and wrinkles.   It is called BCP BNT.


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Meds for tail infection

Cephalexin and Metronidizole (both antibiotics) used together work well for tail pocket infection.  Also Pharmaseb/Malaseb wipes help.

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RE: infected tail pocket...

Yea, the Maleseb products went by the wayside in the last few years - that's made of Miconazole Nitrate and Clorohexadine Gluconate. Butler-Schein makes a product PhytoVet Ket Flush, uses Ketoconazole as main anti-yeast agent. Keto ointment, flushes, shampoos work pretty well and more swiftly than Miconazole products.
Tight or loose gotta clean and flush out debris and apply protectants to heal the injured skin areas to keep bacteria from getting into the follicles and skin layers..  Gentle routine care, q-tips, make sure petroleum bases aren't an irritant, warm salt water irrigation, Oti-rinse or other drying cleanser...Sometimes the surgical fix is the only option - breeding for that good tail is so important because boy is it a trouble later on.  Once in a while even a tail that looks okay as a puppy changes as many years go by. We've seen that on a couple of our bullies.