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Indigestion or...?

This is the second time Matilda has had an episode like this - 

The first time, she woke up in the night asking to go out, which she never does.

This time, it was right before dinner. Today, right now. She chewed her bone for a while then started freaking out. She will salivate a little and gulp air and retch. Then she will madly run about, looking for carpet to lick or grass to eat in what I thought was an attempt to throw up.

The first time, I brought her to the ER at 4am. They found NOTHING after 4 sets of xrays and an ultrasound of her entire abdomen. She got a shot of famotidine and a shot of Cerenia (anti-nausea drug?) and went home. After a while, she settled down but it seemed to take several hours and she would have these little episodes of retch-swallowing. She doesn't actually throw up. No bloat either. 

Tonight, I had some Gas-X ready and gave her some with her dinner. I was worried about giving her food but she ate and seems to be calming down now. After she ate, she belched (a LOT) and had some gas out the other end which she almost never does otherwise. She still seems very enthused about eating. She is resting right now as I thought I should keep her quiet and I time the episodes. It has been about 10 minutes so it seems to be improving. I know she doesn't feel well because she moans a little bit when she breathes out. If she takes a nice deep breath, she's relaxing and ready to go to sleep. She seems a bit more comfortable now. 

Just for kicks I'll add that she eats raw venison Instinct, a dash of ACV, freeze-dried raw beef treats, and plain yogurt and sometimes some fruit for a snack (apples, pears). Her meals are at 7am and 5pm and she gets snacks at different times during the day. She does have terrible allergies and is prone to yeast but it has been under control for a bit. She takes one Claritin for her allergy symptoms and they have been very bad this year. 

At bedtime she usually takes a melatonin.

Do you think we're okay? I'm alone with her so I tend to freak out. The last time we spent $450 for an upset stomach. 

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i forgot to add

that tonight in lieu of all of that stuff i cooked her food in a little water and didn't add any of the other stuff

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That's a lot of stuff....Is the fruit needed?  Also where is the freeze dried beef snacks from?  ACV is an acid.....also what food are you giving?




Mean people still suck

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Yes. She hadn't had any ACV

Yes. She hadn't had any ACV since this morning. 

I did not give her more with dinner. I cooked it a little and just gave her that and a Gas-x.

the fruit is little bits that i use to get her to do things. the beef is the same, raw, American-made Instinct freeze dried. i use little bits of each as treats.

If she were my dog

I would stop giving her everything and feed her something very bland like boiled chicken or boiled hamburger and white rice. It's easy to digest. With all of the different foods/treats/Claritan/Melotonin etc., it would be impossible to figure out what may be upsetting her belly. Give her digestive system a rest. Slowly reintroduce her regular foods.

Good luck


Lynn King CPDT-KA