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Idiopathic Head Tremors

My daughter has an Olde English Bulldogge (Samie) who is approx. 2-yrs. old. and the head shakes started about 3-4 months ago and happened about once or twice/month. Recently however, the frequency has increased and within the last 3-days alone he is having at least 1-2/day (the dog has had no surgery). From everything I’m reading, there is no harm to the dog and the Vets have no clue what it is or what causes it, so there’s no sense in taking him to the Vet and wasting a bunch of money. I guess my question that I haven’t been able to find answers to is will the frequency get worse over time, does it happen mostly during sleep, during a specific ‘season’, can ear infections cause this? Any feedback from BREEDERS would be especially helpful. I'm suprised with all of the Bulldog owners out there experiencing this, that the Veterinarians haven't checked into this. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.


- Char

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Has she tried giving him something sugary when it happens?

Newman gets bad shakes and as soon as I give him a tablesoon of Karo syrup, he stops.  He gets them a couple of times a week, never when he's sleeping.  

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Fruit Loops Anyone?

Yes, I've read many forums that 'suggest' giving some sort of sugar such as honey or Karo syrup. Since Samie turned his nose up at the honey, we've resorted to giving him a small bowl of either Fruit Loops or Frosted Flakes (at first every night, lately every other night). It seems to be working actually. His tremors are not near as bad or last nearly as long. Although he is still having them (not as frequent), I think we may be onto something here....if given as part of his diet, can we lessen these attacks and maybe even eliminate them? Why would sugar 'help'?

Hopefully it won't turn him into a diabetic! Has anyone else out there experienced this with the sugar? I read about dairy products, but that didn't seem to have the same affect as the sugar is.


- Char

happens to gracie often...

taking advice from everyone on BDW I give a spoonful of honey and it immediately stops. Usually happens when she is starting to wake up from a nap. I think they grow out of it. It's happening less. She just turned 2. I didn't go to the vet either because I don't think there is anything they can do for it. try giving a little honey or something sweet like that and see if it helps. good luck!