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How much shedding is normal?

My 6 month old make puppy seems to be shedding a lot. I was petting him last night & as I ran my hand down his back, there was a mound of loose fur that accumulated. I don't recall seeing that much before. I've also noticed that he's scratching a lot. He's always seemed like a scratcher since I got him in mid Nov, but it seems like I'm noticing it more. His skin isn't red or flaky. His ears are clean. He does have a lot of tear staining, which is also getting worse. Could this be a food allergy already at such a young age?

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We've found that for tear stains...

using filtered water, such as a Britta pitcher, and grain free food helps.  Newman had horrible stains when we got him at 8 months of age, and after a month with us, they were and still are completely gone.  I can always tell when to change the Britta filter because he starts to get a little red.  We can pet handfuls of hair off of our guys too, especially now that it's warming up here in Phx.  It's probably a seasonal thing.