How long for complete disapper of cherry eye

Okay so had hershey cherry eye tacked and he is still on medicine eye drops and steroids and well it doesnt look any better i am getting so frustrated cuz he has been wearing this cone around him whoch he hates and just want him to life normal. Any suggestions. Calling dr tomorrow

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When was it tacked?

How long post-op? What doesn't look better? Maybe you could post pictures so we know what is still wrong. You should not have a cherry eye, but probably swelling and red eyes depending on when the surgery was.

Cherry eye

Swelling went down had tacking last tuesday am. But the eye still is cherried with the bump and some redness. Been giving the steroid a d anibotics as per rx

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What's the vet say?

Sounds like the tacking procedure didn't work. I've never had cherry eye in any of my dogs that needed surgery. If I did I would have it removed, not tacked.

A vet followup seems inorder.

As per my previous

As per my previous post:

Surgery is not neccessary, and is often only temporarily successful. If you are still determined to have the surgery done, have it done by veterinary ophthalmologist.

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At this point, you should definately see an opthamologist!

Surgery again

So my spouse spoke with vet and sd whatever she did it disnt work from day one so again he is in surgery for his eye so frustrated and unreal. We are in process if looking for new vet. 

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Too Bad

Is the same vet redoing the surgery? I hope they do this with no charge for their incompetence.

Surgery again and charge

Well they did charge for anest 130 my spouse pd it with his credut card and told them we r taking biz sewhere cuz since we own our own biz its bad biz practice to charge again for something the dr admittly sd she didnt do right the first time to my husband whichhe did relay  when he picked hershey up. I am in just shock. My husband used an example to dr. How would u feel if u came to my biz right down the street for a transmission issue and u pd for the the repairs and rhe following week the same issue occured do u think u should pay anything at all. And dr sd well no, and my husband sd exactly u will not pay anything cuz it was the same issue again just like us here. Dr didnt want to hear it, and so my husband just pd and left pissed