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How do you treat them once your bully has them and is there anyway to prevent them?

Mr. B has not been outside a lot lately because it has been so darn hot but he has 2 nasty hotspots and i don't know how to treat them.


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One of the breeder's that used to be here frequently...

had a remedy for hot spots - she said to dab it with plain brown Listerine, let it dry and then put gold bond medicated powder on it.  I've tried it and it works.  As to how to prevent them, I'm not sure except to look at whatever food he is eating, grain free is best for skin and coat.

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Hot spot

My mastiff gets them and I use Gold Bond medicaided powder.....It usually works but if it doesn't I have to get Cephlexin....Good luck There is also a good spray I get at the vets like the previous poster said.

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Hot Spots

Listerine does work...but it also stings.  I experimented because everyone said it doesn't sting and I was curious so I had a cut and I decided to put listerine on it to see, and it stings.   Vetricyn Spray works well according to others I know.  I have a Tea Tree Oil spray called T-Pro that is suppose to be non-stinging that I have used on an infected tail that worked great and says it works for hot spots.

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Vetricyn Hot Spot Spray is

Vetricyn Hot Spot Spray is awesome!  It doesn't sting and it helps dry and heal hot spots up super quick.  I also use it to clean wrinkles and toes on occassion.  I've tried listerine too, IMO the vetricyn worked much quicker.  Good luck!